Sunday, March 28, 2010

Into The Wild - Jon Krakauer

Rating: *****

Into The Wild is one of my all time favourite books. It is an easy read that just grasps your attention from start to finish.

The story is about a young man who struggles to be part of regular society and in his search of himself, he ends up living in a school bus in the Alaskan wilderness. Determined to survive off the land, he rids himself of almost all modern day luxuries. Unfortunately, he doesn't survive.

I really enjoyed the story and the fact that it has made me think hard about his mistakes. How the fact that if he had a map, that he would be alive today. Also, that with all the dangers we would think about falling a victim to in the Alaskan wilderness, like bears & cold temperatures, it was something he ate (and he had a edible plants book).

I highly recommend you read this book before you watch the movie.

Krakauer, Jon. Into The Wild. New York: Villard, 1996. Print.

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  1. Into The Wild by: Jon Krakauer
    (not yet completed-still reading)
    Rating: *****

    While in Outdoor Ed., I have heard very positive comments about this book. Also, I had the pleasure of watching the movie in one of our classes. I must say that Chris McCandless's story swept me off my feet, I was breath taken.

    As soon as the movie was over, I knew that I had to read the book. Of course, the book is better then the movie...and I found the movie to be incredible.

    Honestly, Into The Wild was on the top of my Christmas list, and I couldn't stop thinking about the story. I asked my self questions, and compared my thinking to the mindset of "Alexander Supertramp". Every gift I opened I wondered if it was the story that I wanted to read too intensely. However, even if I didn't get it for Christmas, I knew that I would buy it for myself.

    I received the book, for my birthday, and thanks to my brother (who gave it to me), I have been captivated and attached to it every since.

    An amazing read and wonderful story.