Friday, April 30, 2010

When Coyotes Attack - Ian Merringer

Rating ****

I came across this article on the explore magasine website and it immediately caught my eye. This was actually an article we had covered last year and was one that had left an impression on me about the little known dangers of the outdoors.

This article is dealing in specific with the tragic death of Taylor Mitchell who was a prominent 19 year old singer who was caught in the wrong place at the wrong time while hiking in Nova Scotia's Cape Breton Highlands National Park. While hiking alone on the abandoned trails (due to it being mid week) Taylor was attacked by two coyotes which viciously took her life. Two nearby hiker's quickly called 911 upon hearing the screams but were too late as Taylor had already sustained major wounds and would passed away the next morning with her family by her side.

I thought this article was very well written and effectively reinforces the dangers of hiking alone. Sadly had Taylor been better prepared for her hike she might have been able to avoid the situation and would have prevented this needless death. Her biggest mistake was hiking alone and during a time where the trails would be lightly travelled, because she was not a native of Cape Breton this could have been due to the fact that she was unformiliar with the area. I found this article is relevant to our course because we are preparing for our trip to Algonquin Park where we will be in close contact with wildlife for an extended period of time and I will now be sure to take safety precautions before venturing out alone.

Merringer, Ian "WHEN COYOTES ATTACK", Explore Magazine
April 30th 2010
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