Friday, April 9, 2010

Why do I get so lost? - Bruce Grierson


Why do I get so lost? You may think the same thing before. This is the article written by such an easy-lost person.

The author shows some examples of scientific researches on this question; lesions and other brain damage can make our internal compasses go wonky, the men are better born navigator than women on account of different brain structure etc. Above all, an interesting research is about gene, that is, whether “instincts” are inherited or not.

He also discusses the best way when we get lost. Climb to a high point, Keep walking… What is the best way to survive or to prevent being lost?

I enjoyed reading this article as it has many examples related with being lost. At the end of the article, the author says, “I miss the feeling: I have no idea where I am.” Indeed, I hardly have such feeling. This feeling is the opposite of our programmed routine. I thought it might be interesting to be lost if it is not so serious. The article not only gives the knowledge about “lost”, but also makes me think about my everyday life.

Grierson, Bruce. “Why do I get so lost?” Explore. Sep/Oct 2009: 159. Print.

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