Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Family Affair - Kate Barker

Rating ****
This is an inspiring article about the Mallory family, a determined group of individuals who decided to conquer Mt Everest.
The article explains how the small family from Ontario climbed Mt Everest, they overcame a slew of difficulties and discovered a lot about themselves throughout the journey. Dan Mallory, the 57-year-old father and leader of the group, was a Hawaii Ironman veteran, he states that despite poor conditions and no matter how many problems he may face he'll "never quit". Even though she was sick 4 days prior to the climb, even the youngest of the Mallory family, Laura, decided to follow her father and brothers up the great mountain. One night, however, she became extremely exhausted and they had to stop and make camp, she spent the entire night on oxygen. The following morning they ventured on and after mechanical difficulties and a few minor cases of frostbite, they reached the summit.
This was a cool story about how no matter what problems you may be faced with, if you have each other, nothing is insurmountable.

Barker, Kate. "A Family Affair" Explore. July/August, 2008. Print.

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