Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Launch off a 100-Foot Waterfall –Logan Grayling

Rating: ****

It was June 13th in 2007 when 19 year old Logan Grayling paddled over the edge of a 100 foot waterfall in Banff National Park. He says that he knew it could be done, and it had only been done once before. The cascade was his own backyard and he wanted to be the next to do it. The night before his nerves kicked in and he couldn’t sleep so Logan ended up going out for drinks with his friend till 2am, he was beginning to psych himself out. However, he found the courage and was quickly ready the next morning. Before taking off Logan ran through the fall in his mind, he pushed off, and there was no turning back. After an astonishing ride he arrived at the bottom with only a cut on his left cheek from grazing a rock. He said that the landing was soft and barely painful and that it was an amazing experience and rush.

Personally I think that Logan Grayling is inane. He explained in his article that if he had not leaned forward enough he could have shattered every disk in his back, either causing him to be quadriplegic or to die. Luckily, Logan said he barely felt the landing, and that even though he was scared, it is always good to push yourself. This is amazing advice and everyone should know you can do anything if you push yourself. Logan Grayling is a perfect example of that.
Grayling, Logan. “Launch off a 100-Foot Waterfall”. Explore Magazine. September/October 2009. Print.

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