Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sea Kayaking to Save a Chilean Coast


Micheal Powers' description of the Chilean rain forest is incredible. Withing two paragraphs of his article I decided that I want to visit it before I die. It is a sad thought that it might not be there for very long.
Rick Klein is a forest advocate trying to protect the rain forest and the ancient alerce trees that grow there. Many of the easily accessible lowland trees were cut down by early European settlers so Klein argued that there was need to find groves of the trees to create greater interest in their protection. Expeditions into the rain forest are tough because the land is so rugged and wild but it is also very rewarding to get a peek into a world untainted by human civilization. Micheal Powers' expedition successfully found a grove of the alerce tree at the top of a 1,000 ft. waterfall. I sincerely hope that this discovery is enough to keep the forest protected because I would really like to see its beauty for myself.

Micheal Powers, "Sea Kayaking to Save a Chilean Coast", Paddler, March/April 1999, Print.

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