Sunday, June 13, 2010

Skaha For Sale - Steve Threndyle

Rating: ****

This was a neat article displaying a community's determination and love for one of nature's most beautiful mountains. The Skaha Bluffs, located south of B.C.'s Okanagan Valley, are a series of large, solid cliffs that are resistant to erosion. The cliffs have become one of the most well-known locations for climbing enthusiasts to do what they love most; climb. Skaha Bluffs are composed of over 800 of Canada's finest climbing routes but there's one major problem; they're being closed off for good. Access to the Bluffs had always been through a narrow road found on a man named Hugh Dunlop's property. Dunlop would allow climbers access to the road for a small fee, and had been doing so for nearly 2 decades, until he decided to sell his land, causing the gate leading to the cliffs to be left padlocked and unaccessible to everyone.
However, the community of climbers who adored the cliffs took it upon themselves to buy the land back...for 5 million dollars. They organized fundraisers and banks for donations and their determination to reclaim their beloved Skaha Bluffs is awe-inspiring. Hopefully they get what they desire.

Threndyle, Steve. "Skaha For Sale" Explore. May, 2007. Print.

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