Sunday, October 10, 2010

10 WORST PORTAGES, EVER by Conor Mihell

Rating: ***

Just as the title says this article is about the 10 worst portages, ever.

When they say ever they mean it, one of the portages dates back to 1793 and they take place all over the world from the rainforest to the Rockies. There are stories of a stolen canoe during a 107 km portage, a lost canoe full of gear sliding down a hill into the rainforest never to be seen again, the issue of height differences, being stalked by a lynx in thigh-deep crevices and much more.

I enjoyed this article as it opened my eyes up to canoing in different places (not just in Ontario, who knew?) and at different times in history. I thought that 700 meter portage in Algonquin was the worst of the worst, I now know how wrong I was. Next time I portage I will think of the poor guy that did a seven-day portage from Edmonton to Jasper.

I think anyone who has ever complained on a portage in their lives should read this article.

Mihell, Conor. "10 Worst Portages, Ever." Canoeroots. Summer/Fall 2010: 35-36. Print.

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