Sunday, October 31, 2010

mushroom near kills baby on canoe trip

Campsite Safety for BabyBaby proofing your wilderness campsite© Outdoor Adventure Canada
I believe that anyone who camps with children big or small should read this article.

This article talks about two families that go camping one day. When they get to their camp site they need to find a place to tie their baby so it cannot reach the fire, so it does not get to hot from the fire, and a place that does not have a lot of sticks or rocks that the baby could choke on. The one thing this family did not take into account was the things that grow out of the ground. The baby ended up being able to reach a small bush in which he found a little patch of mushrooms. The parents found him with a handful of mushrooms and soon realized there son had eaten one. The parents made the baby vomit which brought the mushrooms back up but did not come up with the best plan to get him out of the park if there was an emergency. There plan was to get the two husbands to canoe the baby out if there was any symptoms, what they should have done was left right away and got the baby to an emergency room.

I enjoyed reading this article because it has taught me to always check my surroundings before leaving a child unattended.

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