Sunday, October 10, 2010

SURVIVE by Canoeroots Staff

Rating: ****

This article was about how to survive bear attacks, lightning, leeches and 18 other nasty things that can happen on trip.

Some of the things to survive I found quite comical such as; how to survive your first skinny dip, how to survie the locals, and how to survive Facebook (update everyone in your group with your status hourly, comment on what everyone else says, invite other paddlers to be your friend, bring chalk to write on rock walls, and send invitations to people for all events, including breakfast and doing the dishes).

Other than those, this article was really useful. It gave a quick little four point summarization on what to do in a number of different situations, half of which I am sure have happened on Outdoor Ed. trips (such as survivng icy water) and would have truly come in handy.

I would suggest that anyone going on their first camping trip read this article and take notes.

Staff, Canoeroots. "Survive." Canoeroots. Summer/Fall 2010: 39-41 . Print.

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