Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Grabbing Canoeing by the Tail by Stephanie Park


This article is about how a dog built up a girls love towards canoeing while having her canine companion there with her.

Stephanie Park is a recovered sea kayaker whom will never forget the time one little mistake could have cost her her life. One cool September morning by Lake Superior, Stephanie met a little bundle of fur she now calls "Tess", a chocolate lab. Stephanie was a first time pet owner and didn't know what to expect from Tess. One afternoon she came home and was greeted with a wagging tail and a shredded mess, everything from her couch to her curtains was ruined. To get her mind off the disaster she took her dog kayaking thinking that if she put a mat down for Tess then she would sit still, which is exactly what Tess didn't do when a flock of ducks flew by and she jumped up in excitement, rolling the kayak over within seconds. For Stephanie it was no big deal until she realized that Tess couldn't swim and she felt the sharp claws of her dog dig into her skin. Luckily she managed to get herself and Tess to shore. Stephanie knew Tess needed a PFD or she wouldn't be able to take her out again.
Seven years later Stephanie and Tess are happily canoeing instead of kayaking down many rivers and lakes wearing their PDF's with peace of mind knowing they are both safe. " My love of canoeing came from my dog Tess" Stephanie says. Stephanie hasn't completely given up on kayaking, though she prefers canoeing with Tess over kayaking.

I found this article a bit confusing at first since it stated how Stephanie loved canoeing but only mentioned kayaking until the end of the article. I am a dog lover so I also found this article quiet cute, and if I had a dog then I would use her past mistakes and try to avoid them while canoeing or kayaking with my dog. I would definitely get a PDF for my dog!

Park, Stephanie. “Grabbing Canoeing by the Tail.” Family Camping and Canoeroots. Early Summer 2010. Print

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