Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kayaking Lake Superior by Jill Frayne

Rating ****

This article is about a lady who kayaked the circumference of Lake Superior, I really liked this article because it talked about how she started in steps and had to work her way up to being able to kayak Lake Superior. I think that I liked this article a lot because I can really relate to it, even though she liked kayaking she never really went all out and paddled Lake Superior. When she did she found it was not as hard as she first imagined and ended up really enjoying herself and was really able to appreciate the beauty of the lake and how lucky she was that she was doing what she was doing. This is a good outdoor ed article because in all aspects of outdoors you can’t just start at the biggest mountain or most untamed wood. Jill had to start with smaller slower moving lakes but eventually she stuck with it and was able to paddle Lake Superior and I truly respect her for accomplishing something so awesome.

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