Saturday, November 6, 2010

Trusting satilite devices in the wilderness.

Rating: ***

this artical is about how we should not always depend on certain devices in the wild such as satilite devices. Its about how people are becoming less interested in the bush and taking a chance in the wild and how when people do go on a trip into the wild that alot of people take the risk of using only satilite devices. most satilite devices are one way comunicators, when you travel out into the bush you are on your own. this artical states that people should be practicing the fundimentals such as using a compas, and knowing first aid, and having survival skills.

i recomend this artical to anyone who is going on a hiking trip, canoeing trip, or even just taking a walk in the bush. people need to realize the dangers in the wilderness and how much it costs to call a helicopter in. For 3000 dollars an hour for a helicopter i think its worth it to learn the basics.

Christian levesque adventura magazine fall 2010 vol.2 No.3


  1. Out Of Reach by Christian Levesque - ***

    The article is about how people need to learn how to rely less on technological devices when in the wild. The author talks about how the younger generation is losing interest in venturing out into the wild, so less and less kids are learning how to use a compass. He also mentions that in the US national park officials are getting a lot more distress signals (from cell phones, etc.) from people who go out into the wilderness. "Great tech devices are handy for any adventurer," he says, "but they can also give a false notion of security."

    A rescue helicopter costs $3000/hour, that's an expense that I think most people wouldn't want to have to pay. I agree with Grant when he says it's worth it to learn the basics. People should really understand the risks of adventuring into the wild and should also know how to deal with an emergency when in the wild, and I don't mean pushing the panic button. I'd recommend this article to anyone who plans on venturing into the wild any time soon.

    Levesque, Christian. "Out Of Reach." Fall 2010. Vol. 2, No. 3 Adventura Magazine