Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mauling victim gives chilling account of bear attack - Brendan Kennedy

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This article makes me so glad that I don`t hunt bears. It is a recollection from a man who was brutally mauled by one of Canada`s fiercest creatures.
Gerald Marois, a hunter from Waubaushene, was planting a food plot in the woods, because he intended to go deer hunting there in the fall. He turned around from his work and saw a 600 pound black bear behind him. Marois tried to back away from the bear, but it charged him. He ran from the bear, climbing a tree to escape it, but the bear followed him up the tree. It ripped of his boots and dragged him down the tree. He tried to hit the bear in the head, but the bear began to eat his calf. Then Marois tried using a lighter to burn the bear, so the bear clawed his head. The bear was scared off by something that Marois believed was divine intervention. After calling 911, he was rescued within an hour and woke up in the hospital.
Whenever I go camping, both with my family and within the Outdoor Ed. program at Cairine Wilson, I always assume that wildlife won`t harm me. I think, what are the chances? Stories like these make me realize that precautions need to be taken to ward off wildlife, because they can be extremely dangerous. While Marois’ situation is tragic, he probably could have taken certain precautions having known he is in a bear populated area. He could have had a bear bell to warn the bear he was near. He also could have tried to scare the bear off. The only precaution Marois seemed to have taken was to have bear spray, be he forgot that at his home. Being prepared in the outdoors is linked not only to preventing wildlife attacks, but to the prevention of any hazard. For me, stories like this solidify the concept of being prepared. I do not want to fall victim so such a hazard outdoors with limited help. Whenever planning an outdoor adventure, I will make sure I take the necessary precautions so that my trip is enjoyable and safe.
This article is a great read and is a great motivational tool to be prepared in the outdoors.
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