Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Are We Born To Run?

Are We Born to Run is a TEDtalks on well… running, and how “something bizzare happens when we run”. Christopher McDougall talks to us about a 37 Ethiopian woman named Darar Tutulu (name most likely misspelled) who was running in the New York City Marathon. This was going to be her last run so she decided to just “go for broke”. Darar is in the lead pack despite being “the under, underdog” and another racer at the front has hurt her knee, Darar goes back to help her. The injured racer sais “I’m done go…”. By this time Darar was far behind the lead pack but still managed to pass them and win.

Christopher McDougal explains that there must be a reason for why the most passionate athlete had won. He goes into great detail about the history of running saying that before we had weapons we would hunt by running down our pray in packs.

This is a highly recommended TEDtalks, go check it out @

Nick Bland

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