Thursday, February 24, 2011

Can You See Me Now? Tom Watson

This article talks about the best colours to wear while canoeing or kayaking. According to a study by the US Navy, different circumstances can change which colours are more visible than another. For example, during a bright day with sunny, clear skies, you should stick to bright reds. If you are in an area that is overcast, misty, or foggy, oranges and yellows are best. The reason this works is because during the day, we mostly use the cones, which are one of our types of sensory cells in our eyes. They pick up yellows and red best. The other kind of sensory cell is the rods, which we use mostly during the night, and there job is to pick up the size, shape and brightness of an object. For this reason, they suggest to wear flashing lights and reflective tape when on the water at night.

This article taught me alot about the importance of the colours you wear while doing any kind of outdoor activity, especially if you are alone. I had no idea that the exact colour made a difference, I thought it was only the brightness that mattered. I now know that wearing the right stuff can make the difference between you being spotted in a emergency situation, and your would be rescuer missing you completely.

Tom Watson. Can You See Me Now?. Adventure Kayak. Summer/Fall 2010. Page 17. Print

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