Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Lust for Lusk Caves – Heather Burke

Rating- ***

Lusk Caves are a fun adventure for a hot summers day. I went there myself for a geography trip last year, and it was quite fun.

This article is a little about the history of Lusk caves, and what it is like to go through all the caves. The author talks about her experience in the caves. It talks about all the different little caves you can go through, what not to do in the caves, and what items you should bring on your excursion.

I likes this article because it tells me all that you can experience at Lusk caves, and not just the history and how the caves were formed. Since the author talks about all the different times shes gone to the caves, and what shes done, it makes me thing what I would do if I went there again. Would I go in the small caves that are hard to squeeze through, or would I stick to the bigger tunnels? It also makes me think about how many people have actually gotten badly injured there.

I recommend this article if you are interested in adventuring through caves.

Burke, Heather. “A Lust for Lusk Caves”. Ottawa Outdoors Magazine, Summer/Fall 2004. Print.

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