Saturday, February 19, 2011

rating ***/*****
''bears not welcome in vancouver island'' is a article about how wild bears respond and migrate acording to human behavior. This article goes into deatail on how humans are are dealing with the increesed precence of grizzlys on the northern vancover island. The first two incounters ended with two shots to the heads of the grizzlys which could have been preventead if there was lessforesting on the mainland. bear experst say that bears are moving to northern vancouver island to search for their own land and for mates other reasons they are moving in are due to the decrece of black bears in the area. most bears that go to the island try to go back to the main land but many of them will end up being killed on there way back by hunters or local police. i enjoyed reading this article because it informed me on how bears and humans react to each others as it turns out we are the more violent ones and bears are the victems hear

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