Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tree Stands Have Come a Long Way-Pursue the Outdoors


Imagine a tree stand was made out of nothing but a piece of plywood and a piece of steel and sitting there waiting for the perfect game to come by. Now they are made by automated robots and are a lot more high tech with more and effective equipment.

In this article it talk about the history of tree stands and how much they have changed from a plank of plywood and steel. they mostly talk about the safety issues, and a big one was getting up and down from a tree stand. the first way of getting up to a tree stand was called hugging and it is just as the name sounds. You pretty much hug the tree and climb up or down. Now they have ladders and safety harnesses that must be attached before you go on to a tree stand. They also mention how the comfort is important because you sometimes spend hours on end in a tree. But it mainly talks about the new safety feature of these new tree stands.

I realized how much though and planing went into tree stands making them safe for the hunters new or old. Also if they did not think of any of this and how much it would have affected the hunting business and how much more dangerous it would be for the hunters.

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