Thursday, March 3, 2011

Break Away: Hiking high in the Selkirks, B.C.

Rating ***

This article talks about one couples journey through the Selkirk Mountains to their friends resort. They were headed for the Durrand Glacier, located 40 kilometers north-east of Revelstoke.There sat Ruedi Beglinger's ski and mountaineering operation, built in 1980. The pair, Marion and Peter, were airlifted to a small lodge at the toe of the glacier, where they received accomodation. The next day, they set off to the peaks, exploring Ruedi's 100 kilometers of hiking trail. Obstacles on the hike included a 300 meter descent and an avalanche slope. In the Selkirks, there's something for everyone, photographers and hikers alike.

This article interested me because I enjoy hiking and the Canadian Rockies are somewhere I would very much like to visit. The pictures and stories advertise it as a nice place. Here's the link to the article.

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