Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Boating Safety – It’s For Everyone

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Boating Safety – It’s For Everyone

by Pursue The Outdoors

Have you ever gone boating on a nice beautiful sunny day? Thinking the trip will be relaxing and fun for everyone? Did you ever think of the dangers that come along with it and follow up on keeping everyone safe?

This article is a great way to give you tips ensuring everyone is safe on the boat so you can all equally enjoy the experience.

This article talks about the different ways people have died over the years and how they could have avoided them or avoided the situation. Examples:

  • falling overboard
  • being under the influence
  • drowning

It helps you understand what precautions need to be taken and what equipment to wear and bring along your boat trip. Although you may think you not need them and they look silly, Portable Flotation Devices (Life jackets) are always important as many people die from drowning and they are just there to help you if you get into a bad situation that you cannot swim or get up out of the water yourself.

Taking safety boating courses are also ideal if you want to make all your boatings a safe and enjoyable adventure for everyone:

  • You should always let someone know when you are going on a boating trip and how long you will be gone for
  • carefully smell around for gasoline fumes, open hatches and run blower before starting your engine
  • When changing seats stay low and in centre of boat
  • always have life jackets and first aid kit
  • Sudden wind shifts, light flashes and choppy weather could mean a storm
  • If fishing, keep gear well-packed (loose fish hook can cause a great deal of pain and ruin a night
  • Never drink or be under the influence of alcohol on a boat because it can reduce your ability to swim or call for help because alcohol makes you react slower

This article has helped me understand the importance of making sure your boat trip is a safe one. If i were to go boating i will put all the information i learnt from this article into action to make sure I make my trip as enjoyable and safe as much as possible.

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