Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Keep Going When The Going Gets Tough - Craig Macartney

Rating: ****

If you've ever come across an unexpected rip, tear, hole, or break while you're out camping and don't know how or are unprepared to fix it, this is the article for you!

The article tells you how to fix up anything from rips or holes in any of your gear, to broken buckles, to ripped out tarpaulin grommets, to damaged tent poles. It tells you how to fix your gear if you have a repair kit, and in some cases, it'll tell you how to substitute for common materials all around you on the go! It also gives you suggestions of what kinds of repair kits to bring, and even how much they cost, which is really helpful. Lastly, the article has some suggestions of how to strengthen existing patches, or even non-damaged gear.

This article really made me aware of all of the different kinds of small, but unfortunate accidents that can befall a camper. I really liked how the article gave some tips on how to strengthen your gear, even when you don't have much to work with. I also liked the creativity that some of the repairs and modifications held, like unsticking a difficult zipper by rubbing a bar of soap up and down the teeth. The instructions given were short, accurate, specific, and to-the-point, which is great for a quick, interesting, and helpful read. Anyone who has found themselves in the midst of damaged gear - or even if you haven't - should glance through this article and see what you can do to make your camping trip just that much more enjoyable.

Macartney, Craig. "Keep Going When The Going Gets Tough." Ottawa Outdoors. Spring/Summer 2010: Page 14. Print.

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