Saturday, April 9, 2011

Trail Running: Anywhere, Anytime – Dave McMahon

Rating: ****

I wanted to start running in the outdoors for quite some time, that's why I choose this article.

The article first introduces trail running as a “richer, more enduring experience” than traditional jogging. The main advantages are the variety of routes and the mental challenge: Because you have to watch obstacles and cliffs, the run will call out your ability of real-time problem solving.
Next, the author talks about the risk of injuries, saying that they can really be prevented if you start slowly and with easier courses. Also, it helps to make bounding strides.

The article really arose my interest in trail running. The safety tips are very helpful, too. I am missing the declaration of more places in Ottawa where it can be practiced though.

McMahon, Dave. “Trail Running: Anywhere, Anytime”. Ottawa Outdoors, Summer/Fall 2009. Print.

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