Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Very Close Call The importance of baby-proofing your campsite

A Very Close Call

The importance of baby-proofing your campsite

Written by Samantha Rogers

rating ***

Although this article does not talk about an amazing outdoor adventure, any fun outdoor activities but it does give a very good warning to parents that want to bring their small children camping.

This article talks about the author's experience of going camping with her family and family friends, there were 4 kids on the trip but the youngest one of a year old got caught up in, a potentially serious situation.

As the author put a harness on her child and tied it up to a tree giving it a bit of freedom to explore and also be away from the fire. Before she tied him up she searched all around for a good place to tie him up, where he was far from the fire and there were no little twigs or rocks he could choke on. The one thing she did miss were the mushrooms that were hidden under a bush where her and her husband both did not think about or think he could get to them.

The author noticed the mushrooms in his hand and the older brother told her that he ate some. They quickly tried everything they could to get it out of his system and worried about whether he was okay or not for the next hours and were making sure every few minutes he had no symptoms.

This teaches us that if we were ever to bring younger brothers, sisters or even your children, make sure you are well aware of your surroundings before letting your child explore the area. Any mushrooms could be poisonous and need to be well known.

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