Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Benefits of Hiking

This article is very interesting, especially after going on a hiking trip.

Rating: *****

This article talked about the many different benefits there are that come from going hiking. Many people think that the only benefit of going hiking is getting exercise, but there are actually many more. Hiking can give you time to get away from everything and forget your problems, it can give you time to think, accomplishment is a great feeling and that is exactly what you get after finishing a hike, hiking can increase your care about the environment after experiencing it first hand, and of course hiking is great exercise so hiking can improve your health.

A lot of people think hiking is too difficult to do because they need to pack a lot and would rather just go to the gym as a simpler alternative, but if you are only going for the day all you really need is some water and a survival kit. Just think of all the great things that come along with hiking, the peace, the quiet and the beauty of nature.

Warner, James. The Benefits of Hiking. Popular Published August 26, 2009

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