Sunday, May 22, 2011

How to get the bugs to bug off - Frances Manlucu

Rating: **

This article is a great utility for all those who are active outside throughout the summer. It describes the habits of the many pests we find outdoors from mosquitos to blackflies to even bees and wasps, as well as tips and tricks to help keep you pest free this summer. Some of the tips include when mosquitos are most active and what not to wear in order to reduce the chance of their attraction.
This article generally informs the reader what they already knew ( well anyone who was already previously educated on the topic ) and that's why I gave it such a low rating. However, some of the tricks were quite new to me including how mosquitos love standing water and how garlic and vitamin B are not effective in preventing mosquito bites ( contrary to previous beliefs ).

Manlucu, Frances. How to get the bugs to bug off. Ottawa Outdoors. summer/fall 2007

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