Thursday, May 19, 2011

Trail Running Anywhere, Anytime

Rating: **

Have you ever wondered what the difference between running on a trail and running down a paved road are? Dave McMahon tells us different perspectives of running and why one way is better than the rest.

He starts off telling us that trail running has many positives attributes that people don’t usually take into consideration. He specifically tells us that technically trailing running, is in his opinion, is better for the body even though most people think it isn’t. It gives a wide variety of options for sight seeing and changes in paths. A change in routine can be better for you; you just have to try it.

I really enjoyed this article because it tells people a different perspective of what they feel is better. It has affected me because it has showed me that there are different ways to see things and you don’t always have to look at the bad things. All you have to do is open your eyes and think of the different options, so you can see the different sides of everyone story.

In my opinion, this article is very inspirational if you like running. It gives runners a different view on things.

McMahon, Dave. “Trail Running Anywhere, Anytime”. Ottawa Outdoors. Summer/Fall 2009. Page: 11. Print

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