Saturday, June 18, 2011

Do you relly care about conservation?

Rating: **

"Do you really care about conservation" is an online article describing how today we rarely see how much of the planet's resources we are actually using every day.

This article describes how the aboriginals used to treat the planet. They took everything the world has and held it sacred. The author then describes how today we are using a lot of our resources without thinking of the consequences. We are destroying our forersts, polluting our waters and causing climat change. We are killing animals and not enough people care to help. The article states that in the last 500 years, 816 diffrent species of animal have become extinct.

The author, a person who has been in the wild for most his life, has only nopw come to see the beauty and importance in the wild. Starting to see what we as humans are doing to the beautiful planete and its wildlife. This article has taught me that i need to start being more cautious about how i use the worlds resources, and to look around and see the beauty we are all tring to save.

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