Monday, June 13, 2011

"How to get the bugs to bug off"

By: Frances Manlucu

rating: **

Everyone knows that most bugs such as mosquitos, black flies, bee's and wasps can be real pests! But how can you avoid them? How can you take care of your bites? this article can answer those questions for you. If you're un-educated about the bugs outdoors, this informative article is one you could benefit from reading.

Frances hits on some of the obvious points about pests now-a-days. That they are a nuisance, that they cause an itchy reaction, but i bet you didn't know that there are over 74 different types of mosquitos in Canada alone! That outstanding number is part of the information you will gain from reading this article.

I personally felt that I knew alot about bugs. Living in the country, I knew when mosquitos were the most aggressive, I knew what was an effective, and non-effective way of preventing bites, but I did learn a fair bit! I learnt that it was only female black flies that actually bite their pray. I also learnt the certain colour of clothing that attracted mosquitos. I gave this article two stars because i found it was very basic, but even tough it was very detailed I personally learnt something new, and i will know for next time!

Manlucu. Frances. "How to get the bugs to bug off" Ottawa Outdoors. Summer/Fall 2007. p 34. text.

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