Monday, June 13, 2011

Mountain Biking the Cabot Trail - A Cycling Adventure in Cape Breton – Laurie March

Rating: **

This article is an explanation of a nice biking route through the Cabot Trail.

The author of the article, Laurie March, talks about the beautiful scenery and trails that make this the perfect place for a biking trip. She states that the small town of Baddek is a good starting point for this journey. Things one would pass along this route include Cape Smokey, Ingonish, some amazing views, and Middle Head Peninsula. The town of Ingonish is made up of five communities and is a real tourist attraction along this course. The final destination of this biking trip is back where you began in Baddeck.

This article gives the reader an idea of a good cycling route. Any cyclist would enjoy the challenge of this trail and the opportunity to try a new course. According to the author, the scenery in this area is breath taking and would be a great place for a trip for anyone.

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