Sunday, June 19, 2011

Water Safety

Water Safety
Rating: *****
Reviewed by: Steven Dowshen

I may be bias on this article being a lifeguard, but i believe that this article is an extremely important article for all teens and adults to read, and teach their children about. This article highlights the importance of water safety. It includes things such as swim with a buddy, its always important to have someone with you wile swimming, you never know if something could happen. It informs people about different types of water such as oceans and lakes and pools, and features that they can look out for, for example, if an area says do not swim, it can be for very good reasons, such as it could have very strong rip tides or a massive drop off. It also talks about boating safety, it is amazing how many people dive off of a boat without seeing the bottom of the lake, it is a very dangerous thing to do. And of coarse going over the obvious of how drinking and swimming do not mix. For parents with small children it also gives ideas on how to be sure your child is always safe. Not enough people hear about, or read articles like this, and i think that it is a good read for everyone.

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