Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Family Affair -kate barker

Rating ***

In this article it was kind of neat. The article was about a whole family that has climbed Mt.Everest and had a hard time during this climb. 
On this article there was a girl named Laura witch was the youngest of the family wasent to sure if she would tag alone or not. Laura said that she was not feeling well at all for 4 days but she really wanted to come on this great adventure. For Laura it was a dangerous decision. After going up Mt.Everest for 12 hours she stumbled and took 5 minute to get up so she had to stop for the night on oxygen tank. 

In the morning she felt really strong and she finished the climb with her oxygen tank and Laura was the youngest Canadian women to reach the top of the mountain.

This article has thought me doing little things can symbolized millions of people Laura has shown me of what Canadians are really like. Strong, never giving up on anything and to push yourself to make a big outcome of your life.

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