Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Late Summer Caribou.

Hunting Barren Ground Caribou north of the Brooks Range in Alaska is where this story took place. Three men decided that it would be a good idea to take an adventure and experience the never-ending muskeg bogs and wide open tundra in search of the largest specie of caribou. Nine out of there ten days consisted of freezing rain, sleet, snow, harsh bitting winds, and sub-freezing temperatures. Each of the boys came across different types of animals. One morning they all decided to go off in different spots to see what they would find. One of the men, ending up killing a bull with a bow. The bull fell into the freezing river and hit the shallow part before dying. He floated down the river, and as the mans two friends witnessed this, they got the raft and began going after the dead bull floating down the river, luckily the bulls antlers caught on a rock, and the man were able to grab it. It took about 60 yards before the bull actually came to a stop.

This article affected me because I do know people that go hunting, and now I actually know what it is like. I now know how difficult it is to find these animals to hunt. It made me think about the things that could go wrong while trying to hunt. The animals could easily come and attack you. Maybe one shot wouldn't kill it, you never know. This article doesn't really make me change my behaviour. I will never be someone who will go out hunting animals, I don't think it's fair. Even though I do enjoy the taste of most things that have been hunted. I would rate this article a four out of five. It would have been a little better if they came across more of a problem.
By; Pursue the Outdoors

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