Wednesday, November 9, 2011

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How to Start Right in Astronomy

I just read this fantastic article about amateur stargazing and how to get started. Stars are so amazing to me, and I would really love to be able to know even just the basic constellations. This article was really great for me because it basically said there is always a time when you’re a beginner, and then you won’t be anymore.

It gave steps in order of what to do to get you ready for this new endeavor. It started by saying that lots of people who start out stargazing get fed up with it very soon after, and it’s because they have missed some of the crucial steps. The first is to learn the sky with just your eyes, and then learn more from books and the internet. Then you should start with binoculars, before getting a telescope. This way you don’t waste money on a hobby you maybe aren’t sure of yet and your practise is more portable. Then you should look at all sorts of maps and astronomy calendars to learn what you can see when and also develop a deeper understanding of the sky. You should keep a diary of what you see so you can look back and see your progress. The next step is to find other amateurs and compare notes and ideas and try telescopes. Make sure that when you buy a telescope it’s in a good price range and it’s portable. They said the best telescopes were the ones you actually used, no matter how expensive. The last twp were very simple. Lose your ego and relax and have fun.
This article was really great because I feel a very strong appreciation for the night sky and all it has to offer. This article shows that while starting off can be a bit challenging, that’s why it’s fun. The beauty of the outdoors is there for us to experience if we take the time to learn to appreciate it. This article has already started me on my way and I really hope to work at being a good stargazer.

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