Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Beware of Deer ticks, those nasty forest hitch hikers- Allen McCartney

Rating- ***

This article talks about the importance of tick awareness. For example the article talks about how bites from deer ticks are not to be taken lightly and that the tick could be carrying diseases and viruses. These ticks can be found in tall grasses, bushes, dried leaves and low vegetation everywhere and can go unnoticed by hikers until a few days later when the bite starts to rash. If the bite goes untreated the victim can endure serious health problems. So as soon as you locate a tick you are supposed to remove it from your body using tweezers without crushing it (to prevent diseased fluids from entering your body) then wash the infected area. If there are any other symptoms of being sick or infection then you should see further treatment from a doctor.

I felt that this article was very informative and educational. I think it would benefit anyone to read this article to know how to confront this situation if you are ever bit by a tick. Also I thought that this article was very well written and detailed on everything you should do for preventing ticks.

McCartney, Allen. Beware of Deer ticks, those nasty forest hitch hikers. Ottawa Outdoors Magazine Spring 2011

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