Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Need speed? Just Beet It - Stephania Varali

Rating: ****
This is a very interesting article that shows how a single vegetable can make a huge difference. It is very informative and will keep you reading until the end.
If you are in any competitive or non-competitive sport then I suggest that you read this article. It talks about how in a recent study it has been found that beet juice increases your performance. In the study they tested cyclists on a four kilometer course and when powered by the beet juice they finished the course with an average of eleven seconds faster. This is because of the high levels of nitrate found in the beets. The nitrate widens the blood vessels which lowers blood pressure and increases blood flow. Also it reduces the amount of oxygen needed in muscle tissues.

I really enjoyed this article in the sense that to get the highest performance out of your workout based activity using beet juice is a lot more dependable than any other energy drink. I would highly recommend this article to anyone who lives an active life.

Varali, Stephania. Need Speed?Just Beet It. Adventura magazine Fall 2011 Volume 3, # 3.

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