Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sebastian Copeland Destined To Save the Planet

By: Christian Lévesque

Have you ever dreamed of traveling to the far ends of the world, capturing pictures of the most extraordinary things? For Sebastian Copeland this was his dream. This article is an interview with Copeland about his career and the adventures he has taken. It tells you all about his fight against global warming and to bring awareness to the world. This article was a very interesting read that I enjoyed.

Copeland started out as a fashion photographer in Hollywood but his heart longed more adventure and more propose in the pictures he was taking. “…I shot photos to promote the consumption of movies. It was a moral dilemma and I asked myself what I should do to be happy for the next 20 years…”- Sebastian Copeland. He then decided to take up a career in environmentalist photographer. Copeland had taken many trips around the world to the four corners of the world. While he is living his dream he is also working for a purpose. Sebastian Copeland is bringing the message of global warming to the world. He is bringing the attention to the affects global warming is having on our planet and how harmful it can be. The article also talks about Copeland’s many trips and some of the exciting stories from his trips.

It had always been one of my dreams to be a wildlife photographer. When reading this article I found it very interesting. The story that he had was different from any story of photographer I had ever heard. The fact that he started out as a big Hollywood photographer and decided to do more with his career is an inspiration. Whenever Copeland’s set out on these adventures to capture his pictures there is danger of him getting harmed or even not coming back alive. I recommend that if you are interested in photography to read this article and even if you are not it is still a good read.

Rating: ****

Sebastian Copeland Destined to Save the Planet”/ by Christian Lévesque/ Adventura magazine/fall 2011 vol.3 no.3/pg.6/

Rachel Andolfatto

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