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Hills, Forests & Fields of France Park

Hills, Forests & Fields of France Park

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France Park is one of most pulchritudinous ski areas in Indiana and possibly even the world. France Park is located along the Wabash River, its beautiful scenery of rocky ledges; forest, prairies and abundant wildlife are what make the area such an interesting place to ski. But the wide trails with and mild turns are the reason that this park is such a phenomenal place to partake in cross-country skiing.

One hundred-fifty years ago the Eerie Canal and Wabash River began to pass through the area that is now called France Park, located in Indiana. In recent years it has become an amazing place for cross-country skiing. The length of the trails varies like in any park, making this area a perfect spot for any skier, regardless of their skill level. There are plenty of routes for both classic and Nordic style skiing. The Nordic trails are wide and offer gentle turns that make the trail even more enjoyable. They are very well kept and all hazardous rocks and trees are removed from the path. The trails are often mowed in the warmer part of the season. The conditions in this area are habitually great due to its location and the fact that some trails are rarely skied. These magnificent trails are fun to ski and rarely busy. However, what truly makes France Park an exceptional ski area is its unbelievably beautiful scenery. France Park’s scenery varies from the beautiful forest to the prairies that seem to go on forever. There are scenic rocky ledges and stunning creeks throughout the park adding to its exquisiteness. Also, due to the quiet conditions, skiers will often cross paths with the wildlife that resides in France Park. Eagles and blue herons are just two examples of the wildlife that can be seen in this park. All of these attributes make France Park an ideal location to ski. From the well kept trails, to the beautiful scenery that surrounds them, France Park is definitely one the best places for cross-country skiers of all levels.

I quite enjoyed this article, as it was very informative and written in a creative way. It explained very well why this area is so great and what makes it so different from other ski areas. At times it was a bit hard to understand, but after a quick revision I was able to understand what the author meant. I learned a lot about this park and the attributes of great ski areas. I would recommend this article to anyone who is a skier that lives in or is planning on visiting Indiana, and/or would like to learn about this gorgeous location and its many wonderful features.

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Klabunde, Aaron “Hills, Forests, & Fields of France Park” XcSki Indiana 2008

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