Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Animal Mass Death Events

– Bryan Johnson

Rating: ***1/2

I found this article to be an interesting article that made me think, but also left me hanging at the end.
In the article, Animal Mass Death Events, the author reviewed some of the mass deaths of fish and birds that happened in 2010 and early 2011. These deaths have left scientists searching for answers as to what is happening to the animals around the world. In Arkansas, on separate occasions, deaths of both fish and birds were reported. The death of the fish was suspected to be caused by the large numbers of earthquakes that affect that area (more than 500). The death of the birds was thought to be caused by stress created by the fireworks on New Year’s Eve. The death of thousands of Turtle Doves in Italy was also reported. The author reports that the list goes on world-wide, leaving many scientists and government officials wondering what is happening.

Although I am not aware of such events occurring close to home, these events are still of great concern to me. As the climate continues to change, we may see more events like these. Already our fragile ecosystem is changing and so must our ways of living. Every time we leave a footprint, we change the future.

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