Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Article 3

***Sharks Upriver***

One day a couple years ago, a sighting of a greenland shark was noticed and everyone thought it could have been just a fluke sighting. Until another sighting was made, the people who lived near the St. Laurence river notified a diver by the name of Gallant, gallant was then curious as to if the sightings were worth checking out. 12 hours later Gallant ended up in the St. Laurence river with a huge team January 2001 and diving with a large crew to attempt to find any greenland sharks that might be lurking in the waters. They end up finding greenland sharks in the river and were astonished at the amount of sharks in the water. They did not do much about the situation because it would need further investigation on wiether it is that big of a deal...

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