Monday, January 23, 2012

Day hiking 101 getting started by Cheryl Christensent coop

this article was intrusting to me. It tells us what the right stuff that you need for hiking such as foot wear.

Cheryl goes on and talks about what type of foot protection you should have on your feet, she also tells us that if your feet aren't happy nobody's happy. She tells us what type of foot wear you would have to wear for different types of hiking. She said “ask your self what type of hiking do I want to do?”. She also tells us different types of hiking. Different types hiking means different types of foot wear. Walking in a very wet trail sneakers are not going to work at the end of the trail.

She inspirers me by telling me what shoes would be the best and what will the worst to hike in. for now on I will be asking my self what type of hiking am I doing to day and what type of shoes do I need to make me a happy hiker.

by jonathonmurrin

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