Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day Hiking Essentials- Review

Day Hiking Essentials- Outdoor Advanture Canada

This artical was about the many essentials you must bring on a day hiking trip and about how un-prepered some people are when going out on a trip.

This list started with water, one of the most important. Next was layers, which in winter sesons are very much in need. But breahtable fabrics that are also water proof are best for all scesons. Good footwear is needed, there are many MANY to choose from but you have to look into it to find out what fits your trip the best. Hiking socks are very important apperently, and help you not get blissters or sore feet. Also always pack an emergancy kit and extra supplys just incase !

This artical was just a refresher for my mind about the must needs for trips, but it does remind me how important the little things are when planning or on a trip. And to never over think something or forget to put something in my bag.

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