Thursday, January 19, 2012

On Being Just Crazy Enough-Joshua Walters

On Being Just crazy enough

by Joshua Walters


This presentation was made by public performer Joshua Walters, diagnosed bi-polar at an early age. Thought provoking and funny, he talks about whether a mental illness is really a mental illness, or rather if it is a mental ''skillness''. He talks about his experience through high school, when he was overdrugged by medication prescribed by psychiatrists. He says he made the choice to live with his illness, rather that deny it and live a miserable life. He also talks about Mozart and Bethoveen, and how they had the manic edge which pushed them to create what they created and became who they became.

I think this Talk was very good and motivating, and also that it was quite funny. I think he was right to continue fighting on and living with the disease, and think I would do the same if I had the option. Recommended to anyone looking for good entertainment and an interesting topic.

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