Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Running for Change- Sally Heath

Rating- ****

Running for Change is an article about runner/founder of impossible2Possible, Ray Zahab and his impact on the world and global community's.

Ray Zahab wasn't always an athlete, he smoked and drank in till he decided he wanted to do something to make a difference. His mission is to encourage youth to reach beond they're drawn limits and use adventure to inspire and empower our global community and make a positive change. he usually has 3 expeditions, 2 for his organization and the other is when the new year begins he runs in a extreme envierment. One of his experiences was while running 7500 k across the Sahara desert, he had many days that he wanted to quit and go home to his family but he pushed forward making him lose 41 pounds by the end of the expedition. He does these adventures to learn about himself. Out of everything he is most proud of having his daughters, Mia and Anika.

This article was pretty interesting to know how he can get threw such difficult expeditions when he wasn't an athlete in the first place and is still working very hard towards his organization. i found it was very interesting how even though he was in much pain while going across the desert he still pushed on and didn't give up.

by taylorrankin

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