Thursday, January 12, 2012

TED Talks- A.J. Jacobs: How Living Healthy Nearly Killed Me

This was a very interesting topic, and something that is definitely brought up in Outdoor Ed and other classes. Healthy living isn't always cut and dry, we have to work to find what healthy habits are good for us, and how we personally can improve our health. This man decided he was going to be the healthiest man alive for a few years. He started with his mind, went to spirituality and then his physical well-being. It was very interesting to hear him talk about his experiences with the healthy stuff not always making sense, or being perfectly suited for his life. It was neat to hear him talk about overcoming the obstacles he faced on his journey to be the healthiest he could be. He also talked about how some of those healthy habits stuck with him, even though he had technically stopped his journey. He was also funny and that definitely helped him to get his point across. I will definitely use some of his healthy living ideas, and also go with his motivation. It isn't everyday that we see someone be truly motivated about what they do, and see the effect it has on them. This was an extremely motivating speech and I hope that you want to check it out!

TED Talks, A.J. Jacobs, How Living Healthy Nearly Killed Me, Filmed October 2011,

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