Saturday, March 17, 2012

How to Choose Hiking Boots By: Lisa Strinfellow & T.D Wood

Rating: ****

            This article discusses all of the things needed to know about hiking boots. I choose this article because I know we have a canoe trip approaching and I figure most people will benefit from learning all the proper things to know about boots.
            The articles shows us in stages on how to choose the proper hiking boots depending on what type of hike you are planning on taking. The author discusses on every aspect of the boot from what heights appropriate to your hike to the break down of the different layers of the sole. The article also includes a question and answer response with the most important questions to ask yourself while shopping for your new boots.
I enjoyed reading this article because it is a great information source and I will use the newly gained knowledge in my next purchase of hiking boots. I recommend this article to whoever is in need of a new pair of hiking boots and is seeking advice on which particular type they should purchase.

Lisa Stringfellow & T.D. Wood
February 2011

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