Thursday, April 12, 2012

Getting Into The Swing of Hammock Camping

Getting Into the Swing of Hammock Camping By Dave Brown.

Rating: **

Getting Into the Swing of Hammock Camping is an easy-to-read article that talks about the pros of hammock camping versus tent camping. It is very neatly organised and opens a new option to outdoor camping.

The article states all the reasons hammock camping is better then tent camping. Because of this, it is slightly biased and it doesn't show both sides. The article is also very simply written with simple words and arguements. It uses points such as comfort, costs, enviromentaly friendly, and versatility.

Getting Into the Swing of Hammock Camping has made me curious in other outdoor camping options other then tents. I definitely want to try this out and see if all their glory has some substance to it.

 Brown, Dave. "Getting Into the Swing of Hammock Camping" Ottawa Outdoors. Fall 2011. Published by Dave Brown. Page 5-7 Print.

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