Monday, May 28, 2012

Blue Bonanza - Allan Lynch

Article Rating: **

This article talks about the blueberry market in Nova-Scotia, and follows a couple of families who've been doing in the blueberry business for multiple generations. It explains all sorts of things from the difference in theirharvest due to the evolution of technology, to the reasons as to why the farmers will have a good or bad year.

I enjoyed learning about blueberries, mainly because it's interesting to see where they come from and how they get to my plate, but I soon got bored of reading because there aren't that many interesting details you can put into a six page article about blueberries. Nevertheless, it explained how long ago the first generations thought they had a good harvest when today the farmers harvest almost eight times what they had. I think that the farmers have a good inheritance for their children, but that's all I think that blueberry farming will amount to, a family run and owned market, which isn't bad, just that nobody today will suddenly decide to become a blueberry farmer and build their own farm.

I don't recommend that you read this article, it has a couple interesting facts wrapped up and served with a hundred boring ones, and I personnaly don't think it's worth the time I spent reading it.

Canadian Geographic, Blue Bonanza, Allan Lynch, P. 39-44

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