Friday, May 25, 2012

Paddling For Fitness - Written by Virginia Marshall

Why beat up your joints and muscles on high-impact sports like running and tennis? Paddling could be a better solution! Experts say that paddling is one of the fastest ways to fitness and it is a low-impact activity too!

The article “Paddling for fitness” of the online magazine Rapid is an informing article about paddling and its benefits. Did you know that you can burn about 150 calories in half an hour? Or that you are going to do about 1500 repetitions of low impact upper body movements in only an hour of paddling? This will strengthen almost every muscle in your body! This low-impact activity will also contribute to great cardiovascular strength. As it doesn’t ruin your joints you will be able to enjoy this sport for many years! Furthermore, this article suggests a company called “Let’s go Paddling!” to get started. The article also provides some links to get further information about this organization.

Even though it is a short article it was interesting to learn more about the benefits of paddling. I like the fact that the article also gives you links to get active! In my opinion paddling is a great hobby and sport! It is a lot of fun and you get a good workout too! I really should do it more often.

I recommend this article to anyone who is interested in paddling sports and also to those people who have problems with their joints because of high-impact sports like running. Paddling could be a great opportunity for you to stay active without beating up your joints and muscles!

Source: Virginia Marshall. "Paddling For Fitness". 13 May 2010. Web. < > 25 May 2012.

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