Friday, May 25, 2012

TED Talk

Roz Savage- Why I am rowing across the pacific.
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I found this TED talk very inspiring and truly amazing. She gave up her life in London working as a successful management consultant to row across the Atlantic in 2005. Her mission now is to row across the Pacific, from the West Coast to Australia, raising awareness along the way of plastic pollution, climate change and eco-heroism. She rowed for 369 days, across the Atlantic, and broke both her oars. She used amny other materials to fix them but it was very tough. She wanted a life of excitement and adventure, not just the normal old office job everyday. So one day she decidded she was going to row across the Atlantic. She travelled from Le Gomera, Canary Islands to Antigua. She felt so great after, that she decided to row across the Atlantic. The Pacific is far larger than the Atlantic, and much more dangerous. She had to restart her journey twice because she got trapped in a storm and her boat flipped, and an air crew came and took her back to the mainland. On her way to Waikiki, where she was stoping, her water filter broke (turns salt water into drinking water). Also on her way she encountered another boat. This one was made of all recycled materials. She and this other boat were bringing awareness to the garbage patch in the middle of the ocean. It is twice the size of Texas and tons and tons of garbage just sitting in the water. To show everyone that this needed to be changed, three guys created a boat out of trash. Pontoons filled with 15,000 water bottles to float and a sail. From waikiki she went on to Tarawa, this is a very low lying island and is very worried about large waves. Fromw there she will finish her journey in Australia. Her message to everyone is to live a life with no regrets and have some adventure, but she also wants to stop the pollution of our oceans.
I recommend this video 100%. its great and truly inspiring!

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